Tuesday, 28 July 2015


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WELL hello. Another weekend passed by too quick if you ask me. Friday evening I went out for an Italian dinner and that was the perfect start of the weekend. Luckily the weather allowed me to wear my new outfit. So in love with this denim skirt from Zara. Sure I will wear this one very often. Saturday we went to some furniture shops and we actually only bought a sheep rug for our design chair. Oh and yesterday, we had a lovely breakfast at Lof der Zoetheid in Rotterdam. Go there and skipp your diet rules just for one morning. How was your weekend?
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lof der zoetheid restaurant rotterdam

Friday, 24 July 2015


HI babes! How are you ? I am working at the office at the moment and spending some time at the internet as it is so boring here. Of course this is one big secret. I've been downloading some black and white photographs and printed them in big formats. I saw the weather with be terribly this weekend, so I think I am gonna paint the house. Hope these prints will come home soon so I can put them on my wall. These are a few I ordered. Do you know a website where I can order prints and photographs like these? Help me out! 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


THE weekend has treated me well. I've spend it with my boyfriend and two bikes. Saturday we explored Rotterdam, our city. Love to wander through the city and discover new hotspots, lovely area's and other places. We've been to Bertmans, a cute restaurant located near a small river. Sunday we took the bikes and went to my parents place. That means 40km in one day. I was kind of proud! What do you think of my new skirt? Me and my mum did some shopping last week and she is such a sweet one. Love the leather skirt! Still looking for nice sandals. Maybe the Isabel Marant ones?

Friday, 17 July 2015


OK I know. It's just so stupid and without explanation I can tell you guys I was so busy. At the first place, there are two tigers running in my apartment. For me it's just paying attention for 24 hours a day to see if they don't break down my interior. Oh and I had to work full time last week. Just came home, played with the kittens and took a little nap. I did a lot of shopping last week. I ordered this amazing set of Love Stories Intimates. More than happy with it. Sale is not good for me, because I am about to order my second set. OOPS. Yesterday evening I went out for dinner with my mom and we did a little shopping at Zara too. She is just too sweet because she gave me a new outfit. Will show you soon what we bought. This weekend will be all about relaxing, sleeping and good food. Have a nice weekend and I pinkie promise that you will hear more from me.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


WELL I can finalllllly say it's also summer holiday for me. Yesterday I had my last exam and I think I made it quite good. Only need today for the last assignments and it's time for a well deserved 7 weeks holiday. Going to work for 40 hours a week coming 3 weeks but after I have a month to recover in Ibiza and at home with my baby cats. I am wearing my new playsuit from Zara at these photos and my new bohemian bag. Because I passed all my exams with success, I gifted myself some presents. I am glad I got my hands on a few treasures during the first week of sale at Zara. Did you buy some pretty sale goodies?

Monday, 6 July 2015


HOW was your weekend? I've spend a day at the beach, finally! It was my first beach day of the year and it felt so good. With my toes in the sand, salty hair and every now and then a dive in the sea. It was a spontaneous idea from my best friend and that made it even more nice. This was well needed between all the exams. Here is a little beach diary, hope you like it.