Thursday, 16 April 2015


ANOTHER point to talk about in this chapter. The apple watch. It seems like everyone is talking about it. It was sold in a few minutes and here in Holland it's not available yet. And to be honest, I am glad. It is getting worse and worse when it comes to this online world we are living in. I have the strong feeling that the 'real' life will disappear. We don't even have time to really look at each other, to have interesting conversations, have quality time with your loved one or even have a real kiss. Because we always have to be online which will makes us offline. Trying to actually keep someone away from this hype. Is an Iphone which is 24/7 in your hands not enough? Or an Ipad? If you ask me, please don't buy this horror watch which will lead to nothing. Merci! What do you think about the Apple watch? I think it's a perfect watch for single people who are running a business. So now you know!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


REMEMBER I used to share my fav editorials here on my blog? Ok, well that's a longggg time ago. I know. But let's be clear. Aren't the Vogue Paris editorials the only ones who count? Isn't that all that matters in the world when talking about fashion? Like real fashion? Oh yes, it is. Let's just blame it on that, because I can't get my hands on every Vogue issue since I am not living in Paris anymore. But as all of you know thanks to Instagram, I was in Paris last week. Just four days, I went back into my dream and could get my hands on two issues. How lucky! March and April are shining on my dinner table right now. Wanted to share this stunning editorial of our Dutch pride Lara Stone. What is your favourite magazine ?

Monday, 13 April 2015


LIFE is like a blossom tree. It's already gone by the time you actually realise it. My favourite time of the year, the discovering of these beautiful trees. This photo has been captured in Rotterdam while me and my boyfriend were on our way to a nice vintage market. We have found some nice treasures for our home. An old medicin bottle and some special bear bottles. This weekend was absolutely lovely.

Thursday, 2 April 2015


WILD AT HEART. I am desperately craving for summer. Depressive colors found their way in the back of my closet and they won't show their ass for the first couple of months. At least, that's what I asked them to do. You never know what fashion is having in mind for us, but I think I did understand well that we won't wear black and grey this season. We should wear denim, fringes, tons of fringes, and Indian inspired prints. Gotta love this fashion season. One thing to remember ; Go sit on a cactus, because we're all superrrrrrrrr addicted.  BYE

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


STORMY weather is taking over our country today. For me this is actually the best I could hoped for as I have to lock myself up in the apartment. Yes baby, it's exam time again and that's also the explanation for the kind of radio silence here. Why are there always so many more nice things to do at the moment you have to put your nose in boring study books? Hmm, keeping myself awake with liters of coffee, because yeah, I am quite an addict at the moment. Few months ago coffee was a no go for me, now it's more then welcome. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015


BIG BIG BIGGIE news. I moved in at my boyfriends place and that makes me so excited. Finally having my own place with my own stuff. Well I should say, our place and our stuff. We are busy now with decorating the apartment. It's difficult if you know exactly what you want but you can't find it in the stores. When it's all finished, I will show you the result. For now I can say that I have the best view at the Erasmus brigde in Rotterdam. Waking up with that view is heavenly, especially when you have the love of your life laying next to you.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


SUNDAY, I have spend an amazing day in Amsterdam with my boyfriend. We first visited the office of À la, the brand I have told you about last week. We've been talking with one of the girls for more than one hour and it was so nice. She is really sweet and told us about everything. Her fascinated stories about her travels to India, the way it all works and showed us some really nice stuff. She really inspired me. Don't you loveeeee this flamingo jacket? This one is handmade from Pushkar. Please take a look at their webshop, you will fall in love immediately.