Thursday, 10 July 2014


DID I ever lived in Paris? Incredible, how soon you get used to new places. I never expected to feel home so quick. Feels like it's not normal. Spend my days with unpacking and packing again. As some of you may know now, I am flying to India tomorrow. A dream destination for several years already. Almost time to complete that dream too. Going to spend all my time with my beloved ones. That's one of the reasons I decided to let go off my blog. For the coming month I won't post. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I simply won't have internet connexion and time. I could write in advance, but I think that's even more stupid. It wouldn't be personal and up to date. So that's why. Will there be a miracle with internet and time, I will write, I promise. It will be hard, to not spend any time here. As I am a fashion week freak, I would love to stay updated. I will miss Amsterdam Fashion Week too, and that's why I give away some seats for some amazing shows like Tony Cohen, SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers and Vibrant Pakistan. Would you love to go? Check out my instagram (@mariskaoldenburg ) page how to win. It's super easy! See you in one month everyone! Will miss you. Lot's of kisses.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


HOME is where the heart is right? But how can you actually know where your heart is? My heart was in Paris, for such a long time. Sunday it was time to say goodbye. It was hard, and sad. I left everything behind me. Now I am home, it feels so good too. My friends and family are here and they give me so much love. Maybe I just left the half of my heart in Paris. The other half is here, in Holland. Kind of brokenhearted now. But it's good. As long as I am there or here. The packing continues after unpacking all of my stuff. In two days I will fly to India, so these days are quite hectic. Of course that's the main reason for my radio silence. Administration was waiting for me. Gotta love it.. As I am trying to give everything a place in my heart, I won't spend that much time at my blog. Thursday I will be back, that's for sure. Right in time before heading to the east part of the world. Enjoy your holidays everyone! Will be back soon.

Friday, 4 July 2014


SOMETHING that can make me absolutely happy is buying fresh flowers. During winter time, I always had some in my appartment so brighten up my days. Now when the weather is tropical, I did forget them. But these days I am living more outside then inside. When I came across this skirt I had to buy it. In stead of flowers in a vase, this puts definitely a smile on my face. Very happy with this &otherstories piece. Think I can wear it with lots of different kind of basic shirts. Though, I guess I should wear safe colours like black, white and beige to keep the eye on the skirt. Hope you guys like this final outfit post of Paris. Next photos will be taken in Holland. Will be hard to find nice locations, as it's so easy here. This city is so photogenic. Every little corner seems to be perfect. Ahhh I will miss this all so much. Time to enjoy Paris now. See you all very soon. Let me know what you think of this girly summer look.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


HELLO you. How are you feeling? Sorry for the lack of updates around here. Feeling crazy at the moment. After several goodbyes, I came to the conclusion it was time to pack. And then the hell started. After a year I collected over 100 magazines. Wanna know how much that weight? No you won't. Then I did some shopping. Home decoration, clothes, shoes etc etc etc. So even three suitcases won't be enough. Someone likes to pick me up with a truck? I will need it. Guess I should leave lot's of stuff here. It's a pity, but I won't be able to carry my mess. Because yes, it's kind of mess. Doing my last sightseeing, eating my last icecreams, doing my last sale shopping session ( oh no I haven't say that right ?! ), spending the last hours with my beloved ones here and then it's time to go. Anyone ideas about how to pack a year in one suitcase? I should start with reallll packing now, instead of talking bullshit here.
Photo by Chapter Friday

Monday, 30 June 2014


THE end is close, very close. Only 6 more days in the city where I belong. Mixed feelings are taking over my body. Starting to get stressy already because I know what's waiting for me. Sad, because I leave 3 kids behind me, with who I have spend so much time. I love them. Feeling happy too, I will see my own family, my friends, the most important people in my life. And lucky, because in ten days I will fly to India, for the most beautiful travel ever.  I am sure. These photos let actually see how I feel. Can't wait to make a perfect last week out of here, before going home. There is always a time to say goodbye, that should be now I guess. I hope you like this inspiration post as much as I do. At days like this I need photos like these. They kind of help me. Have a nice monday everyone! For you it's probably just monday, mine feels different, as I had a special goodbye this morning. See you all soon.

Saturday, 28 June 2014


THREE double mega crush for this campaign.  First because it's Daria Werbowy, well hello!!! Second because it's Céline, another duhhh. And third because it's Daria for Céline. This couldn't be better. Has been such a long time since I shared my love for her. She is definitely my all time favourite model. Love her nonchalant, pure natural charisma. It's actually true perfection. Everything about her seemed to be pretty. And then we have Céline. Do I have to explain something to anyone of you? That should be more then clear. I am off now. This is kind of my last weekend here in Paris. Makes me very sad though. Will buy me some Céline, that will make me happy.