Thursday, 26 March 2015


BIG BIG BIGGIE news. I moved in at my boyfriends place and that makes me so excited. Finally having my own place with my own stuff. Well I should say, our place and our stuff. We are busy now with decorating the apartment. It's difficult if you know exactly what you want but you can't find it in the stores. When it's all finished, I will show you the result. For now I can say that I have the best view at the Erasmus brigde in Rotterdam. Waking up with that view is heavenly, especially when you have the love of your life laying next to you.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


SUNDAY, I have spend an amazing day in Amsterdam with my boyfriend. We first visited the office of À la, the brand I have told you about last week. We've been talking with one of the girls for more than one hour and it was so nice. She is really sweet and told us about everything. Her fascinated stories about her travels to India, the way it all works and showed us some really nice stuff. She really inspired me. Don't you loveeeee this flamingo jacket? This one is handmade from Pushkar. Please take a look at their webshop, you will fall in love immediately.

Friday, 20 March 2015


WHAT a stupid name. To they really dress up your hair? Well I haven't ever seen it that way. 9 out off 10 times they undress my hair. They chop at least 4 cm more then I have asked them to cut and when going for a colour, they obviously paint it the opposite. Excuse me NOT if you are a good one and never have done this before. But I always have the bad luck hanging around my aura. Because it has been a year ( !!!!! ) since I visited my dear friends for the last time, I think I should give it a new try. I would love to go for a ash blonde look, shall I ? New spring look is needed here.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


PRETTY things comes in pretty packages. For sure! I am in loveeeeee with my new jewelry, thanks to The Darling Amsterdam. Recently discovered their shop and it makes me want to buy more and more. As all of you know, I was in India last year. These necklaces are straight from there and that makes me feel so good. Special jewelry with special memories. Make sure you check out their website. You can find the shop in Amsterdam. Ten times Merci!!

Saturday, 14 March 2015


THE WORD IS OUT, finally opened my own shop where you can buy various things for your interior. From now on I sell handmade quotes made with east Indian ink. You can also ask for your own design. And framed feathers, from peacocks and pheasants. Do you have any tips or ideas? Let me know. Happy shopping!

Thursday, 12 March 2015


NOT only food related posts here on my blog, as you can see. I have been craving and dreaming about a shop called À la, based in our capital city, Amsterdam. Oh la la, wish I was a millionaire. What about that pretty sea shell necklace as a eyecatching interior musthave. Or those little silver necklaces. I just want it all. The two sweet girls Laura and Andrea are running this hotspot and sell things from all over the world. Me as a travel lover, can't have a home without these treasures. I already planned my next trip to Amsterdam, so I can't wait to step by and let my creditcard do his work. You can shop here.