Saturday, 3 May 2014


The thing about Paris I still appreciate the most, is walking into things by chance. This city has given me so much opportunities, so much luck, and so much else. Walking around like a chicken without a head, is my favourite thing to do. You supposed to do that on lazy Sundays, but I actually love to do that any time. The thing I love about that is discovering new things. That's what happened to me and my friend some weeks ago. During our stroll somewhere in Paris we bumped into a stunning girl. Beachy blonde hair, an amazing back with deux baguettes and a helmet. Two months later you discover that same drop dead gorgeous girl in your all time favourite fashion magazine. Vogue Paris. I mean how amazing is that? Walking by chance into a fashion shoot and you find out it's freaking Vogue Paris who was shooting her. I definitely want to know her name. So anyone, who is this girl? Only ten more weeks here in the city of love, and I really hope you are giving me so much more chances and opportunities. Paris, I love you.
Vogue Paris


  1. She's beautiful! Vogue Paris always has the best editorials! Such a coincidence that you walked into her and that same shoot!

  2. Ah, wat leuk zeg! Ik zou niet weten hoe ze heet, wel een mooie foto!

    Jules x

  3. Wat een leuk verhaal. En ze is inderdaad erg mooi.

  4. Ik vind dat ze wel wat wegheeft van Lara Stone! Dat spleetje tussen de tanden doet het m denk ik :)

  5. Aww wat leuk! Ze is inderdaad prachtig!! Ze heeft inderdaad iets weg van Lara Stone, maar dat is d'r niet denk ik! Ik heb geen idee! Staat het niet in de Vogue vermeld?

    En Parijs is zo'n heerlijke stad! Ik kan daar uren rondlopen zonder iets te doen, maar gewoon te genieten van de stad en de mensen.. Heerlijk!



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